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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief Treatments » Got IBS? Try Exercise

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Got IBS? Try Exercise

Those with irritable bowel syndrome know that there are many things you can do to your diet to help control some of the more troubling symptoms, but they may have never considered that exercising might be an answer. Though there are times that exercise can make matters worse, there are some forms of exercise that can actually help keep the symptoms at a manageable level. The trick is find the one that works for you. Exercise along with the right diet can help someone with IBS enjoy a better quality of life.

One problem with IBS is that it can leave you feeling tired. When you feel this way, you are less likely to want to get up and get moving. You have to find a way to overcome that. If you have a friend that might be willing to work out with you, it can help you gain the motivation you need. If you have a favorite sport, you might want to try that instead of joining a gym and finding you never set foot through the door…. Whatever it takes, you have to find some motivation to get moving, even when it seems like it is the last thing that you want to do.

One thing you might want to consider when it comes to exercise to help with IBS is to take up something like yoga. Yoga is a stretching and muscle toning exercise program that also has one really great side effect. It is excellent at reducing stress. Episodes of stress are known to make the symptoms of IBS much worse. If you can combine your exercise and your stress management into one activity, you are going to be feeling better quickly, at least mentally. Concentrate on learning the deep breathing exercises that are associated with yoga, and use them any time that you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or overly excited.

If you think you want to join the gym, you should try a few easy exercise machines when you first begin. You shouldn’t overdo it or you may become discouraged and quit. Try whatever you think is fun, and limit your time until your body is adjusted to your new level of exercise, then you can turn it up. If you don’t like the treadmill or the elliptical, you can always take advantage of many different dance or aerobic classes that can offer you a great workout. Do what you think is fun and you will be more likely to stick with it.

Exercise will not be an instant cure for all of your symptoms. You have to keep at it to see results, though the stress management that comes with exercise will help you almost immediately. You will begin to look and feel better as time goes by, and you will notice that your symptoms will begin to happen less often. Combine that with a great eating plan designed to help with IBS, and you may find that you feel better, and that you can live a fuller life.

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